Another Successful Hothouse Film Festival!

best film
This year’s Hothouse Film Festival was the largest so far, with 40 short films from around the world being shown. The films were chosen from over 100 that we short listed.

We also took it to a new venue, Nottingham Contemporary, which was an excellent venue for such a prestige event.

The quality of the films was up to the usual standard and to recognise this we introduced a Specially Recommended award for films that did not win but had particularly impressed the judges.

As ever, it was the audience that selected the winners. Have a look at the films the selected and see if you agree.


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volunteer We are looking for supporters and volunteers to help organise the next festival. You don’t have to be an expert on films. Nor do you have to have organised a festival before. We are looking for people interested in becoming part of a team with an interest in films.

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